Au Pair Job Abroad

When a family stays with a foreign national who also does some work for them, such a person is known as an au pair canada. They usually care for the young members of the family in addition to performing some tasks around the house. In exchange they get a small stipend plus meals.

To be an Au pair can be a wonderful experience. Meeting different people and experiencing how they live can enrich your life greatly. Getting a chance to learn a second or third language is an added plus.Some preparation would, however, be necessary and one should consider the following;

Potential risks: Going to a faraway country to live with people you have never met can be very risky. It is imperative to get some background information about a host family before committing yourself to anything. One way to do this is to request for references from some of those who have worked for the family in the past. If you choose to deal with an agency instead, it is important to note that the choice of family will be up to the agency. You should also expect to earn less. However, whether you choose to go it alone or opt for an agency, it is important to ensure that you have a signed contract in place.

Less freedom: Living with other people can often limit your freedom. You may have to curtail your desires as you will find it difficult to do anything you want or even eat whatever you want. You may find that inviting people home may not be a good idea and you may have to adapt your diet to that of your host.

Difference in cultures: Having an open mind is the way to go as you may find some cultures offensive. If, as an example, the only people you have ever seen kissing are those on television, it may come as a big shock to see your hosts kissing in the open or walking around almost naked.

Experience with kids: It is likely that you will spend a lot of time with children. It is, therefore, important to be like-able and comfortable around children. Previous experience in handling kids will go a long way in helping you deal with some of the more difficult ones.

Visa Issues: It is of utmost importance to sort out all Visa related issues before travelling to a foreign country. A spat with the authorities may well spoil what would otherwise be a fantastic experience for you.

A little care is all one needs to take to make an Au pair job abroad an unforgettable experience.

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Important Factors To Consider Before Taking An Au Pair Job Abroad

A foreigner who lives with a family and does some work for them is known as an Au pair. Typically, they look after kids and do some house chores. In return, they get a place to stay, food and some pocket money.

Working abroad as an au pair canada can be very enriching. It offers one a chance to visit new places and interact with people of different cultures. One can also learn a new language. It is, however, important to prepare oneself by taking the following into consideration;

Risk: Flying away for miles to a foreign country to live with total strangers is a huge risk. It is therefore imperative to have some knowledge about the family you will be staying with beforehand. References from past workers would help a lot. You can also opt to go through an agency. Most agencies do background checks on their own. However, you cannot choose your host family and the allowance paid is usually not much compared to what you would get if you negotiated directly. Either way, it is of prime importance that a contract that covers the interests of all is signed by both you and the family.

Independence: You would have to sacrifice some of the freedoms and luxuries you are used to in your own home. Even bringing a friend home may be difficult as you would not want to offend your hosts by bringing strangers to their home. As for food, you may have to forget your favorite home cooked meals for a while.

Culture shock: Whatever your background, it is important to be ready for anything. Those from conservative homes are often shocked to see their hosts expressing affection openly or moving inside the house semi-naked.

Child care: It is a good idea to have experience caring for children. This is because for the most part, the job entails spending time with kids. Learning to endear yourself to children can help a great deal as some young ones can be very difficult to handle.

Visa matters: It is important for au pairing to know the Visa rules of the country you intend to travel to and ensure you comply with all of them. There is nothing worse than running into trouble with the authorities in a foreign country.

Although there are challenges involved when taking an Au pair job abroad, preparing well beforehand can ensure that one goes through a wonderful experience.

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